About Us

People often wonder how a woman from the sunny Algarve in Portugal ended up in Stafford known as Boris and Barbara. But this journey wasn't chance or fate—it was driven by a deep desire to reclaim something I cherished: my husband.

I've always believed in women pursuing their desires and shaping their destinies. That conviction has been with me since my early years. But it's not just about getting what you want through force—it's about passion, which fuels my every endeavour.

My passion for fashion, home interiors, and well-being has been a guiding force. My journey in Chelmsford granted me invaluable experiences, from earning a diploma in image consultancy to working with prestigious brands like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer’s, and Quadrant. I even engaged in public speaking and crafted well-being and confidence courses for various institutions, including the NHS recovery college.

Despite enjoying my tenure in the NHS, fate intervened when the college closed due to funding issues. This pushed me back towards self-employment. While a small shop venture faced failure, I don't believe in that concept—it's about adapting and evolving.

I eventually launched an award-winning tearoom, fostering incredible friendships but enduring personal hardships. Stress led to the dissolution of my marriage and a life-altering event for my husband. Circumstances led him back to Stafford, his hometown.

After weathering the challenges, Covid dealt the final blow, forcing the tearoom's closure. Reflecting on my life, I realised my heart belonged to my husband. A stint at the Department of Work and Pensions felt incongruent with my passion, prompting a decisive move to Stafford.

Driven by my love for fashion and the pursuit of reconnecting with my husband, I scoured the town for what I desired but couldn’t find. That's when the realisation struck—I needed to create it myself. Thus, our family-centric shop, Boris & Barbara, was conceived. Honouring my children, Boris and Barbara, felt fitting, and our fried egg emblem symbolises my journey of independence since leaving home.